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100 Selected Quote to Inspire Your 2024

We are excited to join Kickstarter for the first time and bring our ideas to life. In the past, our busy lives prevented us from pursuing many of these ideas, leaving them confined to our thoughts. But with the start of a new year, we are determined to make a fresh start and ensure that each idea receives the attention it deserves.

The Weight of Words

Words possess a subtle yet profound power to inspire and motivate, transcending time and space. Within this collection are 100 profound quotes and words that hold immense significance. Our intention is to share these pearls of wisdom, allowing them to create a gentle whisper that resonates with the years to come.

  • Get It By Your Hands

  • Good Things Take Time

  • Always Be Ready

  • Better or Different

  • Fight

  • Push Beyond Limits

Think Big . Dream . Imagine . Do It . Be Water My Friend . Think Big . Day Dream.Stay Foolish.Be Happy.
Action.Adventure.Always Be Ready.Be Bold.Believe.Change.Easy.Future.Relax.

This time, the vintage hot stamping technique with the Kingsley Machine M50 is employed, revolutionizing hot stamping in the 19th century.

The Kingsley M50 Machine is a specific model of hot foil stamping machine produced by the Kingsley Machine company in 1950s

Skilled craftsmen have meticulously designed a diverse range of tools, ensuring that each piece stands as a unique work of art. These antique machines embody historical significance, enabling us to experience the warmth of stamping and appreciate the weight of carefully chosen words.